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NZ-Surrogacy Message board Rules and Guidelines

Please make sure you have read these rules before registering.


It is a condition of membership to the NZ-Surrogacy Message Board that all members must read and abide by the following rules:
No posts from this group may be copied or forwarded in whole or part to any person not a member of this group without the written permission of the original writer. 

No abusing, flaming or defaming other members.  The knowledge that individuals will at times have views different to our own and are entiled to do so must be kept foremost in our minds.  Ongoing disagreements between members should be brought to the attention of the Moderator OR Administrators and settled off group. 

Administrators and Moderators of the Bulletin Board can and will delete posts they feel are not suitable. 

As this group is partly made of women who have experienced infertility we ask that parents with children are sensitive and compassionate with how they discuss topics relating to their children (example: "Oh, I wish I'd never had my kids" etc).  Most surrogates and donors have children and talking about them in a positive way gives much hope to intended parents in the group, we just ask you to exercise discretion.

Any posts that disregard the legal requirements will be immediately deleted, and continuing unauthorised advertising will result in banning that member from this forum. 

It is also an important part of the culture of the NZ-Surrogacy group that it is up to surrogates/donors to contact recipients (privately and not via public posts on the board) if they are interested in getting to know them better.  We ask that Intended Parents do not approach surrogates/donors in the group publicly with a view to asking them to donate or be a surrogate as this can place a donor/surrogate in a very awkward and unfair position.  We ask that intended parent/s not place an ad til they have been a member for a month and had 20 posts.

The site owners accept no responsiblity, legal or moral, for any agreements concerning Egg Donation, Adoption or Surrogacy that members may enter into through their association with this group.  We advise only that legal advice be sought in these matters.  This Bulletin Board is for the sole purpose of supporting women in their journeys. 

Upon joining the group a member must send an introduction to the group within a week, posted in the 'Roll Call' Forum.  Members must then post a minimum of once a month to remain a member of the group.  Failure to do so will result in a warning.  Failure to respond to the warning will result in being unsubscribed from the Bulletin Board.  You will be free to rejoin the group at a later date when you are more able to participate more fully in the group.  Please remember the members on this Board are sharing sensitive information regarding themselves and families, and it is this reason that lurkers are not welcome.

Remember that although this is a closed group, we cannot be sure of the identity or good faith of our entire membership.  All care taken must be your own.

These group rules may be revised and added to from time to time - continued membership of this group is reliant on acceptance of any changes.

NZ-Surrogacy Message Board Administrators

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