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   The NZ-Surrogacy Moderators

           An introduction to your friendly moderating team,
          Amanda, Donna, Stuart and Stacey

Amanda is married Steve and has 2 grown boys.  They are from Napier.
Amanda has been a 2xegg donor and GS (unsuccessful) also a traditional surrogate to a boy born in 2005
A new TS journey led to another boy in 2010 to a dear friend through the site.
Steve has been a sperm donor through a clinic to a girl born in 2009 and privately to a lovely boy in 2010.
Amanda and Steve are now parents to their own  

                                                          Donna lives with her teenage son Harry in Auckland, with a menagerie of animals.
                                                                             She has been a traditional surrogate for a lovely couple and gave birth to their son in                                                                                        2009.
                                                                             Soon after she was an egg donor for a friends - unfortunately with a negative result.

Donna Now has a lovely daughter of her own conceived with the help of close friends who acted as sperm donor.

Stuart and his partner are from the Waikato.  They have fostered for 4 years and are now, after their first TS journey being unsuccessful, moved on with a close TS friend and now have a darling daighter
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