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Welcome to NZ-Surrogacy.com. One of New Zealand's best Online Surrogacy Support Groups!

This is a fun and friendly online support group for New Zealander's who are interested in Surrogacy, Egg donation, Sperm donation, Adoption, IVF, and all of those issues that go with infertility.

Spouses and/or partners are welcome too.

About us

We are a small close-knit community made up of Traditional and Gestational Surrogates, Intended Parents, Egg donors, Sperm donors, Couples going through IVF, Couples trying to conceive after reversals, and Couples looking to adopt. 

Our aim is to provide information, give support, share our thoughts, feelings and experiences with one another. 

We are happy for anyone who may be having trouble conceiving and are considering  'other options' as a way of starting or completing their family to come in and join us, the more the merrier.

About our Message Board

*Please Note*  This is a safe place for you to come and post as everyone has to register before having access to the Message Board.

All new registered accounts are directed to register a new Tapatalk account.  Upon receiving the registration, our admin team will send you a few basic questions to answer. Please try and answer these within a week or we will assume you have changed your mind and delete the registration.  When we have received the questions back we will let you in!

*Having trouble registering?*  Please check your junk mail in case the questions email we have sent you has gone astray.  Login to the Tapatalk account with the username and password you chose - and go to NZ-surrogacy in your groups.


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